Copying the binaries over
Now you need to download and minibsd6.files so you can copy the binary executables to your miniBSD directory. Type the following:

cd /root

(Note: If you are setting up miniBSD using a version of FreeBSD older than 6.1, you may have to edit the minibsd6.files file and change the location of /sbin/setkey to /usr/sbin/setkey.)

I recommend saving the files to the /root directory in your FreeBSD jail. Once they are saved, type the following:

cd /root
chmod 0700 /root/
/root/ /root/minibsd6.files

(Note: A huge THANK YOU goes out to Nate Nielsen for e-mailing me and explaining how to do this step without perl. If you prefer the perl method for some reason, click here.)

If you installed the release source package within your FreeBSD jail, you can now copy over the stripped down termcap and services files. This is completely optional but is a way to save about 200K. Type the following:

cp /usr/src/release/picobsd/mfs_tree/etc/termcap /usr/minibsd/usr/share/misc
cp /usr/src/release/picobsd/mfs_tree/etc/services /usr/minibsd/usr/share/misc

That's it. Now continue to the next section.