Install Root
Logon as root to your FreeBSD Host Machine and execute syinstall by typing the following:


From the menu, choose:
  • Custom
    • Options

You will then be looking at a black screen with lots of text on it. Press the down arrow key on your keyboard until the cursor gets to the Install Root option in the right side column. Press the space bar to bring up the edit box and then type:


Hit enter to accept the change, and then press Q to quit back out to the Options page.

Skip over Partition and Label and select Distributions.

Within the Distributions page, arrow down until the cursor gets to the Minimal option, select the Minimal distribution package by pressing the space bar, then arrow down to the Custom option and hit Enter.

Within the Custom page, arrow down until the cursor gets to the src option and hit Enter.

Within the src page, you want to select the following:
  • lib
  • sys
Exit back to the main Options page.

Choose your Media source, and then choose Commit to perform the install.

Once the install to /usr/nfsroot is complete, exit out of sysinstall.

Now you need to put the FreeBSD kernel in place. Type the following:

cp /boot/kernel/kernel /usr/nfsroot/boot/kernel

Next you need to mount devfs and temporarily chroot into /usr/nfsroot so we can rebuild the boot loader. Type the following:

mount -t devfs devfs /usr/nfsroot/dev
chroot /usr/nfsroot /bin/csh

It's very important that you are INSIDE the chrooted environment before you continue.