Create Directory Structure
The first thing to do is to create the directory structure for your miniBSD system. You can manually enter all the mkdir commands, or you can use the simple shell script I created to have it all done for you.

If you want to do it the easy way, download my script, and execute it by typing the following:

cd /root
chmod 0700 /root/

If you want to do it manually, here is the directory structure you will need.

(Note: This is just the directory structure you need for a minimal system. If you plan to have additional daemons/programs, you'll need to create whatever directories are required by those programs.)

  • /usr/minibsd
    • bin
    • boot
      • defaults
    • dev
    • etc
      • defaults
      • mtree
    • lib
    • libexec
    • mnt
    • proc
    • root
    • sbin
    • usr
      • bin
      • lib
        • aout
      • libexec
      • local
      • sbin
      • share
        • misc
    • var
Make sure you set the permissions of the proc directory to 555, and set the permissions of the root directory to 700. Also, create a symlink from /var/tmp to /tmp.

That's it. Now continue to the next section.