Boot NFS Root
Everything should now be in place. There's a good chance that something will prevent it from booting the first time. Don't be discouraged. There is a lot that can go wrong. And even after you've done this a dozen times, you'll probably still have to change one or two things after your first boot attempt.

Now, go to your client machine and attempt to Net boot it. Watch the boot messages carefully so you can see any errors or warnings. If the system makes it to a logon prompt, congratulations! You've done it. Even if you saw an error or warning, that's OK. If your system made it to the point of presenting you with a logon prompt, it should be trivial to take care of any warnings you saw.

If it didn't work, I'm afraid you still have some work to do. Hopefully there is an error or warning on the screen that is obvious to you and that you can fix with no problem. If it's not obvious, you'll need to carefully go back over everything to see where things went wrong. Here are some ideas:
  • Make sure the server machine isn't blocking access to the client machine because of a firewall.
  • Make sure there aren't any problems with the configuration files on the server that are preventing the various daemons from starting.
  • Check the system logs on the server for any warnings or errors.