Updating user accounts
Since the miniBSD system is mounted as read-only, it can be difficult to add, remove, or update user accounts. The obvious choice is to mount the miniBSD system as read-write, make your changes, and then remount as read-only. If you only have one system to maintain, that option may be acceptable for you. But if you have an image that you are installing to a bunch of systems, and you want to keep the accounts consistent between those systems, you're going to want to update the image itself.

If you decide later down the road that you need to add more users or change the root password, do so within the FreeBSD jail, and then copy the necessary files by typing the following:

cp /etc/passwd /usr/minibsd/etc
cp /etc/master.passwd /usr/minibsd/etc
cp /etc/pwd.db /usr/minibsd/etc
cp /etc/spwd.db /usr/minibsd/etc
cp /etc/group /usr/minibsd/etc

The other option is to edit the passwd, master.passwd, and group files in /usr/minibsd/etc directly, and then type the following to rebuild the pwd.db and spwd.db password database:

pwd_mkdb -p -d /usr/minibsd/etc /usr/minibsd/etc/master.passwd

Once this is done, you need to rebuild your image, and re-write the image to the compact flash.