Copying the libraries

We did not copy all the essential libraries in /usr/lib yet. These are not listed in minibsd6.files because the list of required libraries depends on which binaries you have installed.

Download, save it to your /root direcotry and execute it by typing the following:

cd /root
chmod 0700 /root/
/root/ > /root/minibsd.libs

Take a look at the output (minibsd.libs). If it looks OK, you can in turn use it with by typing the following:

/root/ minibsd.libs

The only libraries that are still missing now are the PAM modules. Type the following to copy over the remaining required libraries:

cp -p /usr/lib/pam* /usr/minibsd/usr/lib
cp -p /usr/lib/*opie* /usr/minibsd/usr/lib

(Note: Do not delete minibsd.libs as it will be very useful to have later on when you get into the Expanding miniBSD 6.x subsection.)

That's it. Now continue to the next section.