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To build a miniBSD system based on FreeBSD 6.x, you will need to have root access to a computer, laptop, or some other hardware that is capable of running FreeBSD 6.x. (A Soekris net4801 with a 2.5" hard-drive would work just fine, though compiling on it would be slow.)

The actual computer hardware that you use to build your miniBSD system will be referred to as the FreeBSD Host Machine throughout this guide. It is an important distinction.

It is assumed you know how to install FreeBSD. If you need help in that area, this project probably isn't meant for you. But never-the-less, refer to the handbook on the FreeBSD website if you need assistance with installing FreeBSD.

If you are installing FreeBSD just for the purpose of building a miniBSD system, you only need a minimal install. All the real work will be done inside of a chroot(8) environment (hereafter called a FreeBSD jail) so there is no need to do a full install. It will just take longer and waste disk space.

Once you have your FreeBSD Host Machine ready to go, you can continue with this guide.

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