Adding zsh
zsh will add about 1.3 megabyte to your miniBSD system. The first thing to do is to install zsh within your FreeBSD jail by typing the following:

pkg_add -r zsh

Once installed, it is simply a matter of copying over the binary executables, and the libraries. Type the following:

mkdir -p /usr/minibsd/usr/local/bin
mkdir -p /usr/minibsd/usr/local/lib/zsh/4.2.5/zsh
cp /usr/local/bin/zsh* /usr/minibsd/usr/local/bin
cp /usr/local/bin/rzsh /usr/minibsd/usr/local/bin
cp -R /usr/local/lib/zsh/* /usr/minibsd/usr/local/lib/zsh

(Note: A new version of zsh may be available by the time you read this guide. Please make the necessary adjustments to the path names mentioned above.)

Next, you should update your /usr/minibsd/etc/shells file and add the following line:


Finally, you have to edit the /usr/minibsd/etc/passwd and /usr/minibsd/etc/master.passwd file and change the shell path for any user you would like to use the new shell. Then you have to update the password database files by typing the following:

pwd_mkdb -p -d /usr/minibsd/etc /usr/minibsd/etc/master.passwd

That's it. Rebuild your image and then give it a try.