Configuring boot files
When you boot your miniBSD system, it will harmlessly complain that it can't find /boot/beastie.4th because we didn't copy that file over. If you want to have the beastie menu displayed, you will need to copy over a few files by typing the following:

cp /boot/beastie.4th /usr/minibsd/boot
cp /boot/screen.4th /usr/minibsd/boot
cp /boot/frames.4th /usr/minibsd/boot

If you would rather save about 10Kbytes of disk space, or if you just don't care to see the beastie menu, you can instead edit the /usr/minibsd/boot/loader.rc file and comment out (or delete) a couple of lines at the bottom. That will prevent the warning/error message when you boot.

(Note: You don't need to copy over the files above if you are planning to comment out these lines. It's intended that you do one OR the other. Though, it certainly won't hurt anything if you do copy the files over in addition to commenting out the lines below. It will just waste a few kbytes of space is all. On the other hand, you way wish to copy them over just so they are there in case you ever do want to have the ability of displaying the menu.)

Bring the /usr/minibsd/boot/loader.rc file into your favorite text editor, and comment out the lines you see below by placing a \ backslash \ in front of the lines.

(Note: You have to have a space after the backslash \ or else the boot process will complain saying "\include not found".)

\ Load in the boot menu
\ include /boot/beastie.4th
\ Start the boot menu
\ beastie-start

If you want your miniBSD system to boot without delay, add the following line at the end of the /usr/minibsd/boot/loader.rc file.

autoboot 0

That's it. Now continue to the next section.